Current status of domestic and foreign plastic optical fiber industry


Hello everyone, do friends know the development trend a […]

Hello everyone, do friends know the development trend and prospect of the international plastic optical fiber industry? Today I will explain to you, I hope to help everyone.
Plastic optical fiber (POF) is made of highly transparent light-guiding polymer such as polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) as the core material, and PMMA, fluoroplastic and other polymers as the cladding material. Cylindrical linear optical fiber. It is a new type of optical fiber available for the last 100-1000 meters of broadband access network (FTTX), and is a high-quality short-distance data transmission medium.

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The application of plastic optical fiber communication has become a global issue. Its advantage lies in its ability to replace Category 5 cables, which helps operators build an end-to-end all-optical network and realize the integration of the three networks in the home environment. In recent years, developed countries have used plastic optical fiber (POF) in the fields of automobiles, airplanes, ships, and industrial control and medical equipment, with great success. Since 2006, the European Union has launched POF-ALL and POF-PLUS research programs to support the next generation of home networks and data centers through new optical devices and transmission technologies. The European Telecommunications Commission issued the "Access, Terminal, Transmission and Multiplexing (ATTM); 100Mbit/s and 1Gbit/s plastic optical fiber system specifications" in 2010.

For a long time, the plastic optical fiber industry has been monopolized by developed countries. After the rapid development of my country's plastic optical fiber industry in recent years, the industry has ushered in a qualitative leap. From the perspective of the life cycle of my country's plastic optical fiber industry, the product life cycle is at the initial stage of the market, and there is still a certain distance from the mature stage. There are only more than ten companies in China, such as Jiangxi Dasheng, Zhongke Haitong, Sichuan Huiyuan, and Inner Mongolia Golden Triangle. Most of them are produced intermittently under the influence of raw materials, and the product quality is unstable. This industry is a rising industry in the current Chinese market.

Internationally, Mitsubishi, Toray, and Asahi Glass rank in the top three, with Mitsubishi accounting for approximately 62% of the global market share. In the chip field, the chip technology of plastic optical fiber is mainly in the hands of Western companies. In the field of modules, 650nm optical modules for computer communication on the domestic market mainly include Toshiba of Japan and Firecomms of Europe. In terms of standards, MOST and the European 2007 edition of the EN 50173 series of standards have added OPl and OP2 plastic optical fiber applications.

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