Definition and working principle of network patch panel


How to achieve efficient cable management is critical t […]

How to achieve efficient cable management is critical to the installation of network cables. As a key component of the interconnection network wiring, the network patch panel can easily realize the connection, distribution and adjustment of cables.
Definition and working principle of network patch panel
Network patch panels are network components that connect input and output local area network (LAN) lines or other communication, electronic, and electrical systems. If the engineer wants to build a wired network with multiple ports in each room, then the network patch panel is undoubtedly a good choice, it can provide a simple, tidy and easy-to-manage solution. There are many types of network distribution frames, which can be divided into 12-port network distribution frames, 24-port network distribution frames, 48-port network distribution frames, etc. according to the number of ports.
When the network distribution frame is deployed in a network system, its main function is to connect multiple network ports together and connect incoming and outgoing wires. For example, when network patch panels are used as part of a LAN (local area network), they can connect computers to external lines, and these lines allow the local area network to connect to a wide area network or other Internet. With the use of network patch panels, engineers only need to plug and unplug the corresponding network cables to arrange the lines, which can greatly improve work efficiency.
The importance of network patch panels
1. As we all know, the network distribution frame is usually connected to the rack, which is located above or below the network switch in the rack, and can quickly connect the cables.
2. The network patch panel has different sizes and configurations, which can be customized according to different network requirements.
3. The network patch panel collects data from the main connection and routes it to the destination. Therefore, the network patch panel is very important to the wiring system, so that if there is any problem, the entire system will also fail.
4. The network patch panel can provide network engineers with more convenient and flexible routing options.
5. The network patch panel is easy to plug and unplug, and there are codes on the ports, which can help you easily and effectively route, mark and manage cables.

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