How to use and maintain fiber optic patch cords?


How to use and maintain fiber optic patch cords? Optica […]

How to use and maintain fiber optic patch cords?
Optical fiber jumpers are widely used equipment connection accessories in the field of optical communications, and their role in optical fiber transmission wiring cannot be underestimated. Therefore, understanding the necessary methods of use and precautions is an indispensable step to help ensure high-quality optical fiber transmission quality and improve fiber durability.
Optical fiber jumper connection and disconnection method
Optical fiber jumpers can be used to connect a variety of network equipment and devices with optical fiber interfaces, such as optical modules, adapter panels, distribution boxes, wavelength division multiplexers and demultiplexers, optical fiber transceivers, etc.
Optical fiber jumper connection steps
Remove the dust caps on the connectors at both ends of the optical module and the fiber jumper, and save them for later use.
Correctly insert the jumper connector into the module.
Use cable ties to tighten and fix the fiber optic cable, and shape it to protect the jumper.
Optical fiber jumper disconnection steps
Run the command to close the switch port where the optical module is inserted.
Carefully pull out the fiber jumper connector from the module.
Cover the connectors at both ends of the fiber jumper and the optical module interface with dust caps.
The installer needs to have sufficient technical knowledge and experience in network wiring to ensure the quality and safety of the installation.
Always wear protective gloves and anti-static wristbands when handling active devices to prevent damage from fiber fragments and static electricity.
Make sure that the end face of the optical fiber connector is clean before use.
Pay attention to the bending radius of the fiber jumper when using it. Excessive stretching or squeezing may cause loss.
Do not allow the jumper to be suspended or placed arbitrarily from the device to prevent breakage when the jumper is accidentally pulled.
Avoid frequent insertion or removal of jumpers in the equipment to reduce wear.
When connecting, do not look directly at the end face of the jumper connector to prevent the laser from hurting your eyes.
After installation, the work area should be cleaned thoroughly.

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