How to wire the optical fiber junction box


How to wire the optical fiber junction box? Optical fib […]

How to wire the optical fiber junction box? Optical fiber junction box wiring step method
  Optical fiber is the abbreviation of optical fiber. It is made of glass or plastic and has the ability to conduct light. The optical fiber network uses the total reflection of optical fiber to the home or computer room. It is also called LAN. It is the further direction of the development of the human network. It is considered to be the best broadband connection method, and the rapid development of wireless networks today. The optical fiber network provides people with very convenient Internet access conditions. The lack of capacity provides relief. It is the fastest development in the field of electronic networks.
  Fiber performance introduction
The carrier frequency of the optical fiber network is high, the frequency band is available, and the broadband signal that can be transmitted is strong. It is also because it is light in weight, small in diameter, and the proportion of glass fiber is small. The impact is very stable. Reliable performance and low cost. Optical fiber networks have long been developed in foreign countries. In recent years, some first-tier cities in my country are also developing. It is a network pursued by many communities. Now, we will let every household enjoy fiber optic treatment this morning. , But how to connect the fiber optic junction box?
  How to wire the optical fiber junction box
First of all, we should choose the right junction box. We mainly look at the current of the components in the junction box. One is the maximum current of the work, and the maximum current output when the output part is short-circuited. Generally, we calculate the rated current according to the short-circuit current. , This can be used more safely, so before assembly, know where the production components are and calculate the correct safe current to ensure our future use.
The optical fiber junction box is equipped with a base, and there is also an optical fiber holder on the base. Open the box cover. The junction box installed on the ground should be carefully installed with the base to ensure the stability of the base. The junction box cover can be opened, but it must be waterproof and dustproof. , The junction box should be flush with the ground to prevent errors in the junction box. There are also wiring ports at both ends of the base. We should connect the optical fiber to the wiring ports, and then cover the box to test and adjust.
   When wiring, pay attention to safety, ensure the size of the current, and ensure that the rated current of the junction box is sufficient. The junction box installed on the wall should be about 30cm away from the ground. Make sure not to touch the junction box when moving on the ground. The various socket panels in the junction box should have marking instructions, and there should be enough space in the tool area to ensure that the junction box meets the design requirements. Pay attention to safety when connecting the operation holes in the junction box.
The optical fiber network has spread in many areas nowadays, and it also provides very convenient conditions for people to surf the Internet. However, we must also pay attention to the safety of the optical fiber network installation, correct wiring, let the technicians operate, and ensure that we use safety and junction boxes. Life span

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