Introduction of optical fiber connector


   When installing an optical fiber system, it is neces […]

   When installing an optical fiber system, it is necessary to use a certain method to connect the optical fiber or optical cable to realize the connection of the optical fiber link. There are two types of fiber link connection: permanent and non-permanent. The permanent connection is mostly realized by fiber fusion splicer or fixed connector. Non-permanent connection requires fiber connector.

   1. the definition of optical fiber connector

   Fiber optic connector refers to a device in which the optical fiber and the optical fiber can be directly detached and connected. It can precisely connect the end faces of the two optical fibers, so that the light energy output by the transmitting fiber can be coupled to the receiving fiber as much as possible. Optical fiber connectors have been widely used in optical fiber transmission, optical fiber testing and optical fiber distribution frames, and are the largest number of optical passive components used so far.

   2. Types of optical fiber connectors

  According to different classification standards, optical fiber connectors can be divided into different types

  (1).LC fiber optic connector

   LC fiber optic connector is developed by Bell Labs, using a fast-operating modular jack latch mechanism. The size of the pin and sleeve of the LC fiber optic connector is half smaller than that of the ordinary SC and FC, which is 1.25mm, which can increase the density of the wiring system. And in single-mode SFF, its market share accounts for a large part, and it is also rapidly being applied to multi-mode.

  (2).FC optical fiber connector

  FC connector was first developed by NTT of Japan. FC is the abbreviation of Ferrule Connector, which explains that the external reinforcement method is to use metal sleeves and the fastening method is turnbuckles. This type of connector is simple in structure and convenient to use, but the fiber end is more sensitive to fine dust, and is prone to Fresnel reflection, and has a large return loss. Generally, it is used most on the distribution frame.

  3.SC fiber optic connector

  SC optical fiber connector was also developed by NTT of Japan, and the structure and size of the pin and sleeve used in it are exactly the same as the FC optical fiber connector. The pin end surface uses PC or APC grinding method; the fastening method is different from FC, and the plug-in bolt type is adopted. This kind of optical fiber connector is cheap, easy to use, and low loss fluctuation, so it has received many users' likes. SC fiber optic connectors are mainly used in routers and switches.

  4.ST fiber optic connector

  ST optical fiber connectors are often used in optical fiber distribution frames. The shell is round and the fastening method is turnbuckles.


   With the continuous development of optical fiber communication technology, optical fiber connectors will be more widely used in optical fiber wiring systems. At the same time, it also pointed out the future development direction of optical fiber connectors-miniaturization, low cost, and high performance.


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