The benefits of using network patch panels


The benefits of using network patch panels 1. The main […]

The benefits of using network patch panels

1. The main advantage of using the network patch panel is to improve the organization and management of the wired network.

2. The use of network patch panels simplifies troubleshooting because they provide a location for all input jacks.

3. Network distribution frames are often used in industries that require a large amount of audio equipment, because they provide good links between devices.

4. The network patch panel can concentrate the cables in one place, which allows the network administrator to easily move, add or change the complex network architecture.

Installation steps of the network distribution frame

If you can connect to an Ethernet jack, you can connect to a network patch panel. Installing a network patch panel is relatively easy, but it still requires professionalism. In order to make the installation easy and effective, you need to understand the specific installation process and steps.

1. Steps to install the network patch panel
Check the integrity of the distribution frame and accessories → install the distribution frame on the column at the design position of the cabinet → manage the wires → terminate the wiring → make a mark and install the label strip.

2. Precautions for installing the network distribution frame
The network distribution frame should be installed in the lower part of the middle of the cabinet.
The installation direction of the network distribution frame is the crystal head facing outwards.
When installing, pay attention to horizontal installation and fix the network distribution frame.

As the demand for efficient wiring continues to grow, the development of network distribution frames is getting faster and faster. Many China Fiber Optic Distribution Box Suppliers manufacturers are now trying to produce network distribution frames that are more convenient to use, such as network distribution frames with front panels. Enable users to terminate and manage cables at the front end. For more details, you can click

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