The function of the cable connector boxes


As people’s requirements for speed become higher and hi […]

As people’s requirements for speed become higher and higher, the number of equipment and cables in data centers is gradually increasing, and disorderly cables may cause network failures. Therefore, cable management has become an indispensable task for data centers. one. When it comes to cable management, people usually think of cable management racks, wiring boxes and other products, and I must be familiar with these products.
Introduce a cost-effective cable manager-cable manager, what is a cable manager? How to use the cable connector boxes for cable management?
You all know the cable management frame and the cable management ring, so do you know what a cable management device is? For this term, I guess everyone still rarely hears about it. In fact, the cable connector boxes is the cable fixer we often mention. cable connector boxess are generally used in computer rooms and installed in cabinets to organize and fix cables, keep cables in order, and keep the wiring environment clean and beautiful.

The function of the cable connector boxes
In the wiring system, the use of the cable connector boxes is mainly to provide parallel channels for the cables to enter the RJ45 module, so that the cable does not have to undergo multiple right-angle turns before entering the module, which can effectively reduce the signal radiation loss of the cable itself and the interference to the surrounding cables. Radiation interference. Moreover, the cable connector boxes can make the twisted pairs enter the module regularly and neatly, avoiding big changes caused by the change of one cable when the line is expanded in the future, making the system more reliable and expandable.

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