What are the advantages of fiber optic terminal boxes


1. Wide application range of fiber optic terminal box T […]

1. Wide application range of fiber optic terminal box

The optical fiber terminal box is not only used in a certain field, it has been popularized and played a role in many fields, and it is almost impossible to completely withdraw from the market.
① The user accesses the network. In a network with a bandwidth limit of 10M/100M, operators use 10Mbps/100Mbps/1000Mbps adaptive and mandatory 100M functions to realize the connection of the last segment of network equipment on the user side;
②, point-to-point network. It can provide a network with integrated transmission of images and voices. Among them, single-fiber multi-network-port products can save the number of fibers, which is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to build high-bandwidth and low-cost backbone networks;
③ Long-distance security and monitoring network. Fiber optic transceivers can effectively extend the transmission distance, suitable for high-density network equipment scenes, and can form broadband virtual private networks for government, education and other industries;
④ Poor network environment. Industrial-grade fiber optic transceivers allow users to deploy any network;

2. The function of the optical fiber terminal box is increased and the cost is reduced

With the increase of network capacity and the continuous upgrade of Ethernet transmission speed, the types and functions of optical fiber terminal boxes are also increasing, which are more adapted to the needs of the times.
At this stage, the optical fiber terminal box has a high-performance chip and a large-capacity buffer, which can provide functions such as error detection and conflict isolation while realizing non-blocking transmission and exchange of data, ensuring the stability and security of data transmission. And the maturity of optical fiber technology has reduced the cost of optical fiber terminal boxes to a certain level, and its popularity is getting higher and higher.
While the fiber optic terminal box market is developing, users will put forward higher requirements for products, which means that the device itself needs to be continuously upgraded. These requirements have established the development direction of fiber optic terminal boxes in the next few years. Ningbo Guangdao Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is China Fiber Optic Distribution Box Suppliers,visit


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