What are the advantages of optical communication


Many people know that optical fiber communication is ve […]

Many people know that optical fiber communication is very good and popular, and it is the mainstream communication method currently being studied. In fact, the reason why people attach great importance to optical fiber communication is that it has unparalleled superiority compared with other communication methods. Let's take a closer look at the advantages of optical fiber communication.

   (1) Large communication capacity

   In theory, an optical fiber with only the thickness of a hair can transmit 100 billion voice channels simultaneously. Although it is far from reaching such a high transmission capacity at present, the experiment of using one optical fiber to transmit 240,000 voice channels at the same time has been successful. It is dozens or even thousands higher than the traditional open wire, coaxial cable, microwave, etc. Times more. The transmission capacity of an optical fiber is so huge, and an optical cable can include dozens or even thousands of optical fibers. If the wavelength division multiplexing technology is added to use an optical fiber as several or dozens of optical fibers, The communication capacity is even more amazing.

   (2) Long relay distance

  Because the optical fiber has a very low attenuation coefficient (currently commercialized silica fiber has reached below 0.19dB/km), if equipped with appropriate optical transmitting and receiving equipment, the relay distance can reach hundreds of kilometers. This is incomparable to traditional cables (1.5km) and microwaves (50km). Therefore, optical fiber communication is particularly suitable for long-distance primary and secondary trunk communications. According to reports, the trial of using a single fiber to transmit 240,000 voice channels and 100 kilometers without repeater has been successful. In addition, the ongoing optical soliton communication experiment has reached the level of transmission of 1.2 million voice channels and 6000 kilometers without relay. Therefore, it is completely possible to realize global fiber optic communication without relay in the near future.

   (3) Good confidentiality

   When light waves are transmitted in the optical fiber, they are only carried out in the core area, and basically no light "leaks" out, so its security performance is excellent.

   (4) Strong adaptability

   means not afraid of interference from strong external electromagnetic fields, corrosion resistance, and strong flexibility (the performance will not be affected when the bending radius is greater than 25 cm).

   (5) Small size and light weight

   is convenient for construction and maintenance. The laying method of the optical cable is convenient and flexible, which can be directly buried, pipeline laying, underwater and overhead.

   (6) Abundant sources of raw materials and potential low prices

   The most basic raw material for manufacturing silica optical fiber is silica, which is sand, and sand is almost inexhaustible in nature. Therefore, its potential price is very low.

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