What is the development direction of optical fiber junction box


1. Development towards miniaturization At the 2019 Data […]

1. Development towards miniaturization
At the 2019 Data Center Optoelectronics Technology and Industry Summit, some experts pointed out that "the continuous evolution of data center technology and industry, optoelectronics is a key link. Miniaturization is a long-term technical challenge. Find the best architecture and technology through product collaboration. The plan will benefit the entire industry."
The development trend of optical modules has verified this statement. From the early CXP optical modules to today's QSFP28 optical modules, breakthroughs have been made in its size specifications. Not only optical module products, but also optical fiber junction boxes for photoelectric conversion will also develop in the direction of miniaturization to meet the high-density needs of data centers.
At present, a mini-type fiber optic junction box has appeared on the market, which supports Gigabit Ethernet and allows 12 fiber optic junction boxes to be accommodated in a 1U fiber optic junction box chassis, which greatly saves equipment installation space. This is far from enough, and its size is expected to further break through, in the future can accommodate 16 or more in a 1U chassis.
2. Deepen the degree of intelligence
Intelligence is mainly manifested in two aspects.
On the one hand, it is intelligent power supply. The application network of the optical fiber junction box is rich, but the actual use scene is more complicated, and it is difficult to support the stable power supply of the optical fiber junction box. This urges it to develop into smart power supply in the future, and the equipment can support ultra-wide power supply voltage to adapt to unstable power supply conditions.
On the other hand is intelligent network management. At present, the network-managed optical fiber junction box has important functions such as network monitoring and fault alarm, which can be managed through the network management platform. However, the non-network-managed optical fiber junction box products are not smart enough and need to be dialed Switching and regulating equipment should make breakthroughs in this area in the future to ensure the standardization and compatibility of network management information during product development.
3. Popularization of industrial-grade optical fiber junction boxes
The demand for industrial-grade optical fiber junction boxes is closely related to the market environment. Due to the weather conditions of ultra-high temperature or ultra-low temperature in many areas in China, the impact of lightning strikes and electromagnetic interference is also actual, which has a great impact on the optical fiber junction box, requiring equipment providers to adopt key components, circuit layout and welding , The structural design is extremely meticulous; Fast Ethernet is widely used in the field of industrial automation, and the heat dissipation problem has attracted the attention of the industry, which has stimulated the demand for low-power optical fiber junction boxes.
Compared with general optical fiber junction boxes, industrial-grade optical fiber junction boxes can be interconnected with various bus devices, with strong redundancy and timeliness, and better adaptability to the external environment in performance. With the development of 5G, the level of industrial automation will be greatly improved. Industrial-grade fiber optic junction boxes are more capable of meeting the requirements of the industrial environment, and its development is an inevitable trend.
However, there are also some obstacles. The cost of industrial-grade fiber optic junction boxes is higher than that of ordinary fiber optic junction boxes. The current price is difficult to balance with user expectations. From the market response, it is still on the sidelines.

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