Application of plastic optical fiber in communication


As an ideal transmission medium for short-distance comm […]

As an ideal transmission medium for short-distance communication networks, plastic optical fiber will be home intelligent, office automation, and industrial control networked in the future. Vehicle airborne communication network and military communication network have an important position in data transmission.
Through plastic optical fiber, we can realize the networking of smart appliances (home PC, HDTV, telephone, digital imaging equipment, home security equipment, air conditioner, refrigerator, audio system, kitchen appliances, etc.) to achieve home automation and remote control management, improve Quality of life; through plastic optical fiber, we can realize the networking of office equipment, such as computer networking can realize computer parallel processing, high-speed data transmission between office equipment can greatly improve work efficiency, realize remote office and so on.

When the data rate of the low-speed local area network is less than 100Mbps, transmission within 100 meters can be achieved with SI-type plastic optical fibers; transmission within 150Mbps and 50 meters can be achieved with a small numerical aperture POF.
POF can be widely used in the manufacturing industry. Through the converter, POF can be connected to standard protocol interfaces such as RS232, RS422, 100Mbps Ethernet, and token network, thereby providing stable and reliable communication lines in the harsh industrial manufacturing environment. It can transmit industrial control signals and instructions at high speed to avoid the risk of interruption of communication transmission caused by electromagnetic interference due to the use of metal cable lines.
The POF is lightweight and durable. It can integrate the vehicle-mounted communication network and the control system into a network. Microcomputers, satellite navigation devices, mobile phones, faxes and other peripherals are incorporated into the overall design of the locomotive. Passengers can also sit on the seats through the plastic optical fiber network. Enjoy music, movies, video games, shopping, Internet and other services,
In military communications, POF is being developed for high-speed transmission of a large amount of third, confidential information, such as the use of POF light weight, good flexibility, fast connection, suitable for wearing on the body, for soldier wearable Lightweight computer system that can be plugged into a communications network to download, store, send, and receive mission-critical information, and display it on the helmet display.
In summary, the application fields of plastic optical fibers are getting wider and wider. Foreign countries have achieved greater results in the application and development of plastic optical fibers, and are constantly increasing their investment in new application research. China should also Research and development are closely watched.

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