The use of plastic optical fiber in LAN integrated wiring


Due to the small number of wiring systems in the trunk […]

Due to the small number of wiring systems in the trunk lines connecting floors, multi-mode quartz optical fibers are widely used at present, and in the horizontal direction, there is no suitable medium that can provide sufficient bandwidth, and at the same time has the convenience of installation and cost. Low cost, strong anti-interference ability and other advantages. The new all-fiber network with plastic optical fiber (POF) as the transmission medium has all the above-mentioned advantages. The diameter of the plastic optical fiber is generally 0.3 to 3 mm. The large diameter is suitable for connection, and the light coupling efficiency is also high. At the same time, it also has the advantages of softness, bending resistance, vibration resistance, radiation resistance, cheap price, and convenient construction. Replacing traditional quartz optical fiber and copper cable, it is very suitable for LANs with many connection points.

Constructing large-scale local area networks using plastic optical fibers requires two products, namely passive wiring connection products and active plastic optical fiber network equipment.
Plastic optical fiber wiring products include the following parts. POF plastic horizontal optical cable is a horizontal subsystem used for comprehensive wiring, which is used to realize the connection between the terminal of each work area and the equipment in the floor communication room; the plastic optical fiber plug is the connector for connecting the plastic optical cable to the equipment; the plastic optical fiber jumper is the optical fiber wiring The cross connection between the rack and the equipment, or the connection line between the fiber optic socket and the equipment in the work area; the plastic optical fiber identification jumper can easily find the end-to-end connection of each jumper among the large number of jumpers in the distribution frame To reduce maintenance work, the plastic optical fiber socket is the information outlet of the system working area of ​​the plastic optical fiber wiring; the plastic optical fiber coupler is the connector used to connect 2 optical fibers; 1. Cross-connection management between fiber and equipment.
Plastic optical fiber network products in the local area network mainly implement high-speed network connection between workgroup switches and computer equipment. The main plastic optical fiber network equipment is as follows.  
The switches in the plastic optical fiber department can provide multiple Ethernet fiber ports to provide high-bandwidth, high-performance fiber connections between or within the workgroup.
Plastic optical fiber network card is a computer PCI network card with an Ethernet plastic optical fiber interface. It conforms to the IEEE standard and is plug-and-play. It supports full-duplex mode.

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