How to choose a cost-effective fiber optic transceiver?


How to choose a cost-effective transceiver? The main on […]

How to choose a cost-effective transceiver? The main one is to meet the design requirements of the project site, all requirements are met, and then compare the manufacturers and prices, so that the selected optical fiber transceiver cost performance will not be low.

1. Does the optical transceiver itself support full-duplex and half-duplex? Some chips on the market can only use the full-duplex environment at present, and cannot support half-duplex. If they receive a switch or hub of another brand, and it uses half-duplex mode, it will definitely cause serious conflicts and Packet loss.

2. Have you tested the connection with other optical transceivers? At present, there are more and more fiber optic transceivers on the market. If the compatibility of transceivers of different brands has not been tested beforehand, it will also cause packet loss, excessive transmission time, and sudden speed and slowness.

3. Is there a safety device to prevent packet loss? When manufacturing fiber optic transceivers, some manufacturers often use register data transmission mode in order to reduce costs. The disadvantage of this method is that it is unstable and packet loss during transmission. It is recommended to use a buffer circuit design to safely avoid data packet loss.

4. Use environment and temperature adaptability? Special working environment needs to choose industrial grade transceiver. Its working temperature is generally between -40 and +85 degrees, and the storage humidity is between 5% and 90% without condensation. The optical fiber transceiver itself generates high heat when it is used, and the commercial-grade transceiver is prone to equipment failure when the temperature is too high. The use environment of the equipment is a factor worth considering when buying.

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