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With the increasing popularity of the network and the g […]

With the increasing popularity of the network and the gradual improvement of informatization construction, the stable operation and maintenance of the network system has become more and more important, and the data center carries the core computing, information resource management, information resource service and external communication of the enterprise Such functions are becoming increasingly important to the sustainable operation of enterprises, so the management and maintenance of data center information points has become very important.
In daily network maintenance work, the main tool used by maintenance personnel is ordinary network management and capture software. The network capture software and the cable tester both achieve the maintenance and management of the network layer, transmission layer and application layer of the entire network system through traffic testing, illegal intrusion detection, online monitoring and other methods.
   But for the failure of the physical layer and data link layer integrated wiring system, how to quickly find the location of the failure point and clearly show the complex connection relationship between the links, the network management tool cannot meet the corresponding needs. After statistics, it is found that most of the network failures are caused by the integrated wiring system. The data center information points are very dense, and a large number of optical fibers and copper cables are used. Although the data center is being constructed, each data port of the data center is clearly marked with a route, but it is very cumbersome to find the jumper label to determine the route. Maintenance is very inconvenient. If the intelligent wiring system is arranged inside the data center, the workload of line maintenance in the data center can be greatly reduced, and it is helpful for the network maintenance service of network managers.
  1. Selection of electronic distribution frame for intelligent distribution system
   For the selection of the electronic distribution frame of the intelligent distribution system, it is necessary to consider both hardware and software.
  In terms of hardware, the basic transmission performance of the patch panel is the first consideration. The electronic distribution frame adopts an integrated circuit board design, and the design skills of its internal circuit board determine whether the electronic distribution frame as a connector has sufficient transmission stability and performance margin.
   The distribution frame should also be convenient for wiring. The rear of the electronic distribution frame also has a connection to the scanner port, and it is also necessary to set up a corresponding cable management device.
   In terms of software, the interface should be beautiful and friendly, and easy to operate; the functions of the software are clearly classified, easy to find, and frequently used functions are placed in a prominent position; the algorithms in the software writing should not occupy too many system resources to reduce the computing pressure of the server.
  2. Installation methods and requirements of electronic distribution frames (
Electronic distribution frames generally adopt dual distribution frame management, that is, all jumpers and interchanges are completed between two distribution frames (horizontal/vertical distribution frames and switch distribution frames), and horizontal/vertical The link between the wiring area and the electronic distribution frame (for horizontal/vertical cable configuration) and the link (cable) between the switch and the electronic distribution frame (for the switch configuration) are fixed. For the installation arrangement inside the cabinet, the dual distribution frames need to be placed up and down next to each other, and the management cable reel is inserted in the middle to facilitate jumper arrangement. This management method is also the wiring method required by the internationally used North American standard TIA/EIA 568B and the international standard ISO11801 for structured wiring systems, which has great benefits for the application and future maintenance of the system. However, considering the cost and cost factors, currently in some areas at home and abroad, most of the integrated wiring system still uses a single patch panel. However, if you want to take advantage of the rich functions of the electronic distribution frame management software, you must adopt a standardized management method of dual distribution frames.
  Management host, expander and other intelligent wiring system equipment should be specially allocated to a certain area of ​​a cabinet for installation, which is convenient for management and wiring.
  3. the installation detection method of the electronic distribution frame
  The front part of the electronic distribution frame is equipped with an LED status light, which is used to judge whether the jumper link between the dual electronic distribution frames is on or off. The status light can also display the link port position of each jumper automatically or manually inquired by the handheld controller, which is convenient for the on-site network management personnel to find it and achieve zero errors.
  The server management software can arrange the network management to perform the task of changing the line. After the network manager sets the task on the server side, the network manager can arrange the on-site network manager to perform on-site operations, and help the network manager to complete the operation through the LED light display. If the operation is not correct, the LED light will continue to flash to give a reminder, and the scanner will give an alarm.
  4. What are the unique functions of electronic distribution frames compared with traditional distribution frames
The definition of intelligent wiring system is based on the ordinary wiring system, adding the on-off real-time monitoring function, which can monitor and manage all the complete information of all on-off links, not only including its on-off status, but also The location of its on-off ports can be accurately located, and the addition, movement and change of system ports can be monitored in real time, meeting the intelligent management of all information ports in the management room, and facilitating future system expansion. The above is also the basic difference between the electronic distribution frame and the traditional distribution frame.
In addition, the intelligent wiring system management software is also equipped with some additional management functions, such as: software assigns network management to perform line change tasks; network equipment Mac address detection management (but not responsible for binding) to identify illegal equipment; manage network equipment assets , Generate reports, and share data with common software (such as ACAD, HP Open View).

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