What is the function of optical fiber distribution box?


The optical fiber distribution box(https://www.nb-fiber […]

The optical fiber distribution box( is used in the client wiring equipment in the FTTH optical network. The optical transmission terminal has functions such as end fusion, splitting, wiring output, etc., which can effectively terminate, protect and manage the optical cable for optical network transmission Necessary equipment in the process.

Function of outdoor optical fiber distribution box: It is used for wiring connection between optical cable and optical communication equipment. Through the adapter in the distribution box, the optical signal is led out with optical jumper to realize the optical wiring function. It is suitable for the protective connection of optical cables and distribution pigtails, and also suitable for the use of optical fiber terminal points in the optical fiber access network. Its connector plugging durability life>1000 times. The entire curvature radius is controlled to ensure that the curvature radius of the fiber at any position is greater than 30mm, and each fiber is clearly marked, thereby avoiding the confusion that may be caused by disassembly during maintenance.

The practical use of the optical fiber distribution box: The optical fiber distribution box has a wide range of functions, including the introduction, fixing and stripping protection of optical cables, the fusion and protection of optical fibers, the storage of pigtails, the storage and management of jumpers, and the fixed connection of optical fibers. Cross-connection and other functions; meanwhile, value-added module units such as optical splitters and wavelength division multiplexers can be installed according to customer requirements; it can also be used for the termination, use and management of optical cables in wiring closets and equipment rooms.

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