Knowledge of optical port module connection


In the security monitoring system network, multiple swi […]

In the security monitoring system network, multiple switches are often required to network, and switches with optical ports are often used. So how do the optical port modules of industrial Ethernet switches connect? There are some problems that need to be paid attention to, and I will give you today Share common knowledge and precautions for connecting optical port modules of two switches.

1. Single fiber with single fiber, dual fiber with dual fiber

The optical modules of the two switches should be unified as a single fiber or unified as a dual fiber.

2. Single-mode and single-mode, multi-mode and multi-mode

The optical modules of the two switches should be unified as single-mode or unified as multi-mode. If dual-fiber, single-mode and multi-mode fibers need to be connected, a single-multi-mode converter needs to be added in between.

3. Transmission wavelength

When dual-fiber, the module wavelengths need to be unified (850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm), and when single-fiber, the transceiver wavelength of the module needs to be symmetrical (e.g., the sending and receiving wavelengths of this module are 1310nm, and the receiving wavelength is 1550nm, and the opposite module is required to send 1550nm and receive 1310nm) .

4. Optical power and sensitivity

The transmit optical power and optical receiving sensitivity of the two industrial Ethernet switch optical modules need to be in the same range.

5.Is the transmission distance of the optical module the same?

If all the above five conditions are met, the two optical modules can be docked within a short distance, but it is necessary to pay attention to whether the light receiving sensitivity of the long-distance optical module reaches the opposite end is greater than the small overload point.

6.The transmission rate of the optical modules of the two switches must be equal, and the duplex modules must be consistent.

The speed and duplex mode of the optical module should both be set to forced 100M, Gigabit full duplex or auto-negotiation. If one end is auto-negotiation, and the other end is forced 100M, Gigabit full duplex, it cannot be connected.

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