Talking about how to promote the development of national optical fiber industry


With the development of the Internet, optical fiber, as […]

With the development of the Internet, optical fiber, as a medium for high-speed and long-distance transmission, has become more and more popular among construction workers. Although my country currently has the conditions to accelerate the development of plastic optical fiber communications, it is necessary to strengthen overall planning and rational layout, but my country's optical fiber independent innovation capabilities need to be strengthened.

First, strengthen the cooperation between enterprises and the Soviet Optical Fiber National Engineering Laboratory.

Give full play to the role of the R&D platform of the Soviet Optical Fiber National Engineering Laboratory, unite the enterprises in the optical fiber communication industry chain through the National Engineering Laboratory, divide labor, break through the relevant technical bottlenecks, jointly solve technical difficulties, and develop together, and promote the industrial chain and Mutual benefit and common development among supply chain enterprises.

Second, we should work together to deal with international trade barriers.

At present, my country's plastic optical fiber products are still in the initial stage of "going out". With the continuous growth of my country's export of optical fiber products, more and more international trade barriers will be encountered in the future. Domestic enterprises must have corresponding countermeasures and adequate ideological preparations. Domestic optical fiber enterprises must unite and cooperate, and actively protect their legitimate rights and interests under the organization of industry associations.

Third, establish a technical standards alliance.

The technical standard alliance plays an important role in realizing standardization strategies among enterprises, reducing standardization risks and costs, and coordinating intellectual property conflicts in technical standard language.

In summary, we can clearly conclude that the heavy-duty enterprises and leading enterprises in the optical fiber communication industry should increase investment in technology research and development and technological transformation, and strive to improve product technology and production technology. These issues require close cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain, joint research, product manufacturing, operation services, and user use in a large industry chain environment for overall consideration and overall planning.

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