The main function and structure of the optical fiber terminal box


Optical cable terminal box is also called optical fiber […]

Optical cable terminal box is also called optical fiber terminal box. Many engineering companies also call optical cable reel box. It is a box that protects the fiber optic cable and pigtail fusion splicing at the end of the optical cable. It is mainly used for the direct connection and branch connection of indoor optical cables and the termination of optical cables. Fixed, play the role of fiber pigtail storage and protect the joint.
Functional requirements
1. It has the functions of leading people in the optical cable, leading out and fixing and protecting the performance of the optical cable, the wiring pigtail and the optical fiber in it from being damaged.
2. It has the function of protecting the fiber optic cable terminal from environmental influences.
3. It has the function of insulating the metal components of the optical cable from the shell of the optical cable terminal box and being able to easily lead to the ground.
4. Provide optical cable terminal placement and remaining optical fiber storage space, and make the installation and operation convenient.
The box body can be fixed with sufficient impact strength and has corresponding installation functions for different use occasions.
5. When necessary, it should have the function of optical cable branch connection

The main structure of the optical fiber terminal box:
The optical cable terminal box is composed of three parts: a shell, an internal component, and an optical fiber connector protector.
Internal components of fiber optic terminal box:
1. Support frame: the main body of the internal structure, used for the support of the internal structure;
2. Fiber collection tray: used to store optical fiber connectors (and its protective parts) and remaining fibers in an orderly manner. The length of the remaining fibers should not be less than 1.6m, and the radius of curvature of the remaining fiber trays should not be less than 37.5mm. It also provides easy-to-identify fiber number marks and convenient operation space for re-connection;
3. Fixing device: used for fixing the optical cable sheath, fixing the optical cable strengthening member and fixing the wiring pigtail.

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