What are the types of patch panels?


Patch panels are mainly used for the modular management […]

Patch panels are mainly used for the modular management of front-end information points at the central office. It is a very important part of the integrated wiring management subsystem. If the patch panel is missing in the integrated wiring, then the front-end information points will be directly Connected to the switch, once the cable fails, it is likely to cause the entire network to be paralyzed and face the risk of rewiring. At the same time, it will also cause confusion in management. It can be seen that the use of patch panels in integrated wiring is Very important, so do you know what types of distribution frames?
What are the types of patch panels?

Nowadays, there are three types of distribution frames on the market: one is a 110-wired distribution frame (that is, a modular distribution frame), the second is a straight-through distribution frame (clip-on type distribution frame), and the third The kind is the electronic distribution frame.
1. 110 wiring type distribution frame
The front panel of the 110-wired patch panel is an RJ45 interface, and each interface has a digital identification. The rear panel of the 110-wired patch panel is a wire-up module, which is marked with T568A and T568B wire sequence standards. The network cable can be marked up according to the actual needs in line order.
2. Straight-through distribution frame
The front and rear panels of the straight-through patch panel are all RJ45 ports, and each port on the panel has a digital identification. At present, patch panels with two sizes of 24-port and 48-port are commonly available on the market. In fact, the straight-through patch panel is more convenient to use than the 110-wire patch panel. It can be used directly by plugging in the network cable, which is more suitable for high-density wiring requirements.
3. Electronic distribution frame
The electronic distribution frame is used in the same way as the straight-through distribution frame, just plug the network cable directly. The electronic distribution frame can form data by detecting circuit analysis, which brings convenience to network maintenance personnel. Among them, the detection mode has two detection methods: port and link. The network cables used in different forms are different, which can be determined according to the equipment. Due to the relatively high cost of electronic distribution frames, they are rarely used in current projects.

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