How to choose the correct fiber optic adapter


Since there are many types of fiber optic adapters, and […]

Since there are many types of fiber optic adapters, and the appearance of fiber optic adapters supplied by different suppliers is also very similar, you may not know how to choose. Generally speaking, when choosing a fiber optic adapter, you should consider the following two points.
Type of cable to be connected
If the fiber optic adapter needs to be connected to the same cable type and connector, you can use a fiber optic adapter with a square, rectangular or circular interface. If the types of cables that need to be connected are different, you need to use a hybrid fiber optic adapter. This hybrid fiber optic adapter can connect any two types of fiber optic jumpers together. Since there are many types of hybrid fiber optic adapters, it is important to know what type of cable needs to be connected before purchasing.
Fiber optic adapter alignment sleeve material
The alignment sleeve is the most important part of the fiber optic adapter. Some manufacturers will choose metal as the material for the alignment sleeve. However, it has been proven that the use of ceramic fiber adapters is much better than using metal as the alignment sleeve. This is because the ceramic crystal structure is very hard and will not deform over time like metal materials, so it can achieve rapid alignment and achieve high-precision fiber end-face connection.
Fiber optic adapter cleaning method
Although the optical fiber adapter is relatively small and belongs to the small part in the optical fiber wiring system, this does not affect its important position in the optical fiber wiring system, and it needs to be cleaned like other optical fiber equipment. There are two main cleaning methods, namely Dry cleaning and wet cleaning.
1. Dry cleaning: First, insert a dry cleaning rod into the fiber optic adapter, turn it to clean and take it out, then align the cleaning rod to the inside of the sleeve, clean the connector inside the fiber optic adapter, and check whether there is any on the end face of the connector Pollution.
2. Wet cleaning: First, dip the cleaning rod in the fiber cleaning solution, insert the wet cleaning rod into the adapter, and rotate the cleaning rod on the surface of the sleeve, and then take a dry cotton swab to clean the connection inside the fiber adapter Check whether there is contamination on the end face of the connector.

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