What is the general structure of the fiber connector


When installing any optical fiber system, you must cons […]

When installing any optical fiber system, you must consider connecting optical fibers or cables with each other in a low-loss method to realize the connection of optical links. The connection of the optical fiber link can be divided into two types: permanent and active. Permanent connections are mostly realized by welding, bonding or fixed connectors; movable connections are generally realized by movable connectors.

Optical fiber connectors, commonly known as flexible joints, are generally called optical fiber connectors. They are reusable passive components used to connect two optical fibers or cables to form a continuous optical path. They have been widely used in optical fiber transmission lines and optical fiber distribution frames. Among optical fiber testing instruments and meters, it is currently the most widely used optical passive device.

General structure of optical fiber connector

Connector "The main purpose of optical fiber connector is to realize the connection of optical fiber. Now it has been widely used in optical fiber communication systems." Optical fiber connector has many types and different structures. But look carefully, the basic structure of various types of connectors "" optical fiber connectors is the same, that is, the vast majority of connectors" optical fiber connectors generally use high-precision components (by two pins and a coupling The tube consists of three parts) to realize the alignment and connection of optical fibers.

In this method, the optical fiber is inserted into and fixed in the pin, and the surface of the pin is polished to achieve alignment in the coupling tube. The outer components of the pins are made of metal or non-metal materials. The butt end of the pin must be polished, and the other end usually uses a bend limiting member to support the optical fiber or optical fiber cable to relieve stress. Coupling tubes are generally made of two-half synthetic, fastened cylindrical members made of ceramic, bronze or other materials, and are often equipped with metal or plastic flanges to facilitate the installation and fixation of the connector. In order to align the optical fiber as accurately as possible, the processing accuracy of the pin and the coupling tube is very high.

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