What is the performance of optical fiber connectors


The performance of the optical fiber connector is first […]

The performance of the optical fiber connector is first of all optical performance. In addition, the interchangeability, repeatability, tensile strength, temperature, and plug times of the optical fiber connector must also be considered.

(1) Optical performance: The optical performance requirements of the connector ">fiber connector are mainly the two most basic parameters of insertion loss and return loss.
Insertion loss (InserTIonLoss) is the connection loss, which refers to the loss of the effective optical power of the link caused by the introduction of the connector. The smaller the insertion loss, the better, and the general requirement should be no more than 0.5dB.
Return Loss (ReturnLoss, ReflecTIonLoss) refers to the ability of the connector to suppress the reflection of link optical power, and its typical value should not be less than 25dB. In the actual connector, the pin surface has been specially polished, which can make the return loss greater, generally not less than 45dB.

(2) Interchangeability and repeatability
Connector ">optical fiber connector is a universal passive device, for the same type of connector ">optical fiber connector, generally can be used in any combination, and can be used repeatedly, the additional loss introduced by this is generally in Within the range of less than 0.2dB.

(3) Tensile strength
For the well-made connector ">optical fiber connector, it is generally required that its tensile strength should not be less than 90N.


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