What is the implementation standard of optical fiber connector mpo and mtp


MPO is the abbreviation of "multi-fiber pull off". The […]

MPO is the abbreviation of "multi-fiber pull off". The ferrule of this connector has more than one core, which is mechanically snapped into place. The MTP connector is a high-performance MPO connector with multiple innovative designs. Compared with the general MPO connector, the MTP optical fiber connector has been enhanced in both optical and mechanical properties.

mpo connector: refer to IEC-61754-7 and EIA/TIA-604-5 (aka FOCIS 5). Mtp connector: MTP connector fully complies with all professional standards of MPO connectors, including EIA/TIA-604-5 FOCIS 5 and IEC-61754-7. If the deviation of the guide pin and the molding process can be reduced during the production process, the performance of any MPO connector can be improved.

What is MTP? The optical fiber connector? The MPO type connector is a mutually mateable MTP connector that complies with industry standards, which means that it is feasible to replace the MPO connector with an MTP connector to obtain better performance. The performance of most MPO connectors that follow the old design is quite limited and cannot provide the same high performance as MTP fiber optic connectors.


Why is the MTP connector described as a high-performance MPO connector? The design of mtp is protected by patents. Its performance and usability are much higher. For example: the outer frame of MTP optical fiber connector can be easily removed. The MT ferrule design can ensure that performance is not lost during rework and regrind during production.

The negative and positive can be flexibly changed even on site after assembly, and interference detection can be performed after the ferrule is assembled. The floating ferrule of the MTP optical fiber connector can improve the transmission performance during mechanical docking. The elliptical guide pin (PIN) of the MTP optical fiber connector is made of stainless steel, and the elliptical design makes the MTP optical connector maintain high-performance transmission more durable. There is a metal pin clamp in the MTP fiber connector to fix the push ring. The spring design of the MTP fiber optic connector maximizes the band gap for 12-core and multi-core ribbon applications.

MTP optical fiber connector has at least four standard matching parts, which can be adapted to different types of optical cables, which is more practical, including: round optical cable with loose tube structure; ribbon optical cable with elliptical outer cover; ribbon bare fiber ; Ultra-short tail sleeve connector parts are very suitable for application in small spaces, reducing the volume by 45%.

Can MT ferrules be cleaned in conventional ways? The best way to clean the dust and oil that affect the optical performance of the MT ferrule is to use an advanced dry cloth to clean the components, such as NTT-AT OPTIPOP. The cleaning method is very simple because only a single channel is involved. The contaminants will be completely removed when using the above cleaning components. On the contrary, although the use of low-quality cloth or cotton swabs can remove contaminants on the surface of the fiber, the dirt will still exist on the edge of the ferrule, and it will easily cause the end face of the ferrule to wear and cause serious Data loss.

OPTIPOP series cleaning components are specially designed for male and female optical fiber connectors, and can also be applied to single-core ceramic ferrules. OPTIPOP cassette and cassette cleaners use refillable cleaning cotton cloths. The cleaner can be used for a long time. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, the cleaning cost is lower.

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