horizontal core fiber optic cable splice closure, Three rows of holes

horizontal core fiber optic cable splice closure, Three rows of holes

Size(mm) 385*240*150
Specification(core) 24
QTY(piece) 4
Carton size(cm) 52*42*37
volume(m³) 0.0808

horizontal core fiber optic cable splice closure

Suitable for hot melt and mechanical connection.
Optional equipped with a micro demultiplexer.
Efficient optical fiber cable management.
For the 16 core cable into the line.

Ningbo Guangdao Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Mainly products are: Fiber box, FTTH box, fiber splice closure, outdoor SMC fiber cabinet with some plastic fiber accessoires. ST network: Mainly focus on network communication products as: Cat 5, 6, 7 cables and patchcord, patch panel,cable management, network tools, Krone module related CG tel: Mainly produce metal cabinet and box as - network cabinet, server cabinet, Rack ODF, wall ODF, fiber patch panel related.


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